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Signature Facial Treatments

A custom-made experience that is perfect for those who believe that ageing naturally is beautiful.

Skin Rejunevation Treatments

Skin Rejunevation Treatments

Tailored treatment to boost your natural collagen production and improve the overall condition of your skin.

Signature Face Lifting Massage

Anti-ageing results- naturally

KM Estetica - Advanced Skin Therapy

“I truly believe that your skin reflects everything that’s going on inside your body and mind. I wish to help and support our clients in achieving healthy, glowing skin and to become the best version of themselves.,,

Respect Your Skin

Combining a holistic approach to skin therapy, our treatment packages are a mixture of timeless beauty methods, innovative technology, and hands-on skills to boost your skin’s health and make you feel more confident.

We spend far too long running around and becoming increasingly stressed; Our treatments are tailored to suit your requirements and will provide you with the chance to slow down and focus on your unique condition.


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What better way to invite you into the wonderful world of beauty creation than with our range of unique treatments?

*50% off your first treatment.

What Our Clients Say



“I had one of the face massages and it gave me a facelift in 1h30min. The best face massage I have ever had. ”


“I had a fabulous experience with Kasia and incredible result – I can’t remember when my skin looked so good.”


“Kasia has helped me with my acne. I have had a few treatments already.  My skin looks great. She was very patient and explained everything, even what food to avoid with my acne! She is so professional and passionate about what she is doing.”

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