Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Full Body Massage

Procedure time: 1h 30min

Great for:

  • preventing body tension
  • eliminating stress
  • depression
  • stimulating lymphatic circulation
  • toning muscles
  • helping to optimise the functioning of organs
  • deep relaxation

Cost: £95

How it works?


The traditional Hawaiian massage, also called Lomi-Lomi , is a wonderful way to get a total relaxation of body and mind. In fact, deep relaxation, is the most prominent feeling people have tried this amazing massage.
The term “Lomi Lomi” itself means “to knead” or “to rub” in the Hawaiian language, and the massage is often described as a dance of the hands and forearms over the recipient’s body.

The massage is done with oils, almost exclusively with forearms and elbows, working the whole body. It’s valued for its potential to release emotional blockages and encourage a deep sense of relaxation and inner peace.

The massage is never equal nor for the practitioner or the client, since it works in an intuitive way, according to the need at that time massage can be slow, soft, intense or deep it is perceived.

A Lomi Lomi massage is a therapy that treats both the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of the human being, achieving deep relaxation.